Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Classes With Katherine

One of our amazing teachers, Katherine Lymer (she'll be teaching Beginner Magic Loop and Sock Heels Master Class for us at the retreat) talked about the Layer It On KAL for retreat attendees and teachers as well as a sneak peek of info about her classes in her most recent blog post.

What's next? Well, I should probably start eating some of the food I've grown – rather than staring at it helplessly, which is my current approach. And I should also do something about the weeds, at least some of them: "Natural" is all very well, but we're sporting the Amazonian look and this really isn't compatible with collecting eggs from free-range hens (or, indeed, monitoring their numbers). Knitting wise, once the lace scarf is finished, that's all my work knitting complete for workshops up until the end of October – when I'll be teaching at The Geeky Puffin Knit Palooza and Crafts for Christmas at Glasgow SECC. The latter doesn't need any formal prep as the brilliant people at Women's Weekly will be providing the patterns and handouts. The former requires a brand new design for a brand new class (exciting!) and even though my second workshop is familiar ground (sock heels), I'll want to revamp it especially for the occasion.

Read Katherine's entire post here: http://www.knittingwithkatherine.com/1/post/2015/08/deanfoot-in-july.html

We're thrilled that Katherine is one of our teachers and that she is so excited about teaching for us. If you haven't signed up for the retreat yet, go sign up here now! Happy Knitting!

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