Friday, 27 May 2016

2016 Layer It On KAL

Hiya! We have done some fun planning for a knit-along for the 2016 Geeky Puffin Knit Palooza and wanted to share the details with you.

The knit-along is called the Layer It On KAL. It will begin on Wednesday, 1-June-2016, at 12:01am BST and end on Monday, 31-October-2016, at 23:59 GMT.

This knit-along is for anything that can be worn by a person age 13 and older (sweaters, shawls, socks, hats, fingerless mitts, etc.).

The knit-along has an optional Star Trek theme (see the details about the Star Trek bonus point below), but if you’re not a Trekkie, you can just ignore this option.

Every attendee/teacher who wants to participate will be added to a team (we’ll have 3 teams - Team Picard lead by C.C., Team Janeway lead by Dami, and Team Archer lead by Sam). C.C., Dami, + Sam’s finished projects won’t count towards the team’s points, but they’ll be around to cheer their team on!

Project Type - Every item you finish will earn a certain amount of points for your team.
Sweaters, tops, dresses, skirts - 4 points
Shawls, cowls, scarves, ponchos - 3 points
Socks, slippers, gloves - 2 points
Hats, fingerless mitts - 1 point

WIPS - If you finish a project that is currently on the needles during the KAL dates, you can submit it for points, but you’ll only receive half the number of points. So if you finish a sweater that was on the needles before 1-June, you’ll receive 2 points for it instead of 4. Please make sure that you knit at least 1 row on the project to make it count for this. Blocking, binding off, weaving in ends, etc. do not count as finishing the project. Some knitting MUST be done on the project.

Colour Bonus Points - If your project has any of our favourite colours (C.C. - pink, Dami - purple, Sam - teal) in it, you’ll earn 1 bonus point for each colour. If you have a project that includes all 3 colours, you’ll earn 4 bonus points.

Star Trek Bonus point - if you can relate your finished project to Star Trek, you’ll receive 1 bonus point. (watch the video above for details on how to do this)

Vendors/Sponsors - If your project uses any item from our vendors/sponsors (we’ll provide you with a list of these throughout the KAL) - so for example, yarn, project bag, pattern, stitch markers, etc. - you’ll earn 1 point per sponsor up to 4 points maximum. If you knit one of C.C.’s patterns or use one of Sam’s project bags, you’ll earn 2 points instead of 1 still with the maximum of 4 points. You’ll need to provide photographic proof in the FO thread of the vendor/sponsor item(s) you use.

Yardage - When you post your item in the FO thread, please also include the yardage of the yarn you used in the item (if it’s a WIP, only count the yardage knit from 1-June onward). We’ll keep a tally of the yardage and the teams will earn a bonus based on the final ranking of yardage.

Layer It On - At our Friday night event at the retreat, each team will choose 1 person from their team to layer on as many of the team’s finished projects as possible. The teams will earn a bonus based on the ranking of which team layered on the most projects.

Individual Challenge - We’ll also be tallying each individual participant’s point earnings. The top 3 point earners (whether their team wins or not) will earn vouchers to spend at our Vendor Market! The yardage bonus and the team layering bonus will not count in the individual points earned for this part of the challenge.

Hashtag - The hashtag will be #GPKPLIOKAL16 Feel free to use it anywhere you like, but especially on Instagram so we can see what everyone is working on.

Team rosters, chatter threads, and FO threads have been set up in our Ravelry group.

If you think of something we’ve left out or that needs to be clarified, please let us know. We’re super excited to see what exciting projects you come up with (and please feel free to poly-dip in other KALs such as the Geeky Girls Knit Summertime and the Living is Easy KAL, The Knitting Broomstick’s Coffee With C.C. or Sock Club or Sweater Fever, Suburban Stitcher’s Around the Neck KAL, the Knit Girls Stash Dash, the Knitmore Girls Summer of Lace and Beads, Operation Sock Drawer, Project Sweater Chest, etc.).

Happy Knitting!
C.C., Dami, & Sam

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